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About Us

Choco hug, d sweetlicious destination

When a hobby turns into a carrier, its sweetilicious. Working as a chocolatier is always mind boggling. Dripping fingers into scrumptious flavoured chocolates and moulding them in incredible shapes with amazing packing is what Choco hug expertise in. Choco hug is into manufacturing luscious and exclusive homemade chocolates using pure and fine ingredients since last five years. We started with a small store in the industrial city of Kanpur in 2008 at the backyard of a bungalow, producing millions of assorted flavours of chocolates to make them available to all and sundry. Slowly and steadily as its demand increased and its taste developed among people, the small store turned into a big hub among its customers. Choco hug works with a motto to satisfy its customers with d best quality product. We deliver the best taste at your doorstep. Starting with simple flavoured chocolates to stuffed chocolates, yummy centre filled truffles to chocolates bouquets Choco hug serves one and all.

Our chocolates are low in sugar and calories, made for sheer indulgence – bringing to you a tantalizing richness of cocoa, the crunchiness of nuts and varied fillings, all entrapped within a silky smoothness that shall melt over your taste buds. Each piece is crafted individually, with intricate attention to perfection. We offer a wide array of flavours to satiate the chocoholic in you – rum, cashewhearts, truffles, orange, coffee, almonds and many more!! Our chocolates are loaded with top quality wholenuts and fruit preserves and not mere essences or flavours.

Assorted flavoured chocolates

1.) Cashew hearts – the little sweethearts will sweep you off your feet.
2.) Mocha chocolates – these wondrous chocolates with a kick of cappuccino are treat for all ages.
3.) Marble magic – the colourful chocolate is set to a perfect pattern.
4.) Jamaican treat (rum raisin chocolates) – from the land of dark rum, these chocolates spiked with rum are sheer magic.
5.) Paan utsav – something surprisingly different – chocolates with soft mushy paan flavoured centres.
6.) Orange tango – orange peel and essence give a great citrus tang to these chocolates.
7.) Peanut surprise – satin smooth peanut butter, rich cocoa, enrobed in satiny chocolate makes a real treat.
8.) Walnut rocks – crunchy walnuts wrapped in chocolate – a simple delicious rustic treat.
9.) Strawberry delight – dark chocolates with a soft centre oozing with the juiciness of Strawberries are a delight for all.
10.) Blueberry blush – chocolates with the exotic flavour of blueberries just tastes perfect.
11.) Mint chocolates – tango tasting chocolates, whenever you eat will make you feel fresh and alive.
12.) Naughty nutties – assorted nuts mixed together in dark chocolate forms to bring a bundle of joy to you.
13.) Chocolate biscuits – round shaped chocolates wafer style and with the goodness of biscuits are best for every hour of the day.
14.) Gems praline – the chocolate for your best friends with the kindness of sweet gems and colourful bites.
15.) Almond crunch – chocolates with all the health benefits of almonds are best to be eaten anywhere and anytime.
16.) Cornflakes crunch – the chocolate that offers a marvellous crunch with every gnaw.

Tender truffles

1.) Praline crunch – these scrumptious chocolates with the surprise crunch of nutty praline is a universal favourite.
2.) Pistachio and white chocolate truffles – these truffles in soft green and white tones are sure to capture hearts.
3.) Chilli chocolate truffles – the Mexican inspired chocolates bring to your taste buds a deadly combination of chocolate and chilly!
4.) Marzipan truffles – soft centred almond dough, wrapped in dark chocolate is simply irresistible.
5.) Toffee crunch – with the taste of toffee and crunchiness at every bite, these truffles are so enticing.
6.) Coconut truffles – crunchy shredded coconut, seeped in satin rich chocolate is surely a joy ride for the taste buds.
7.) Nutella fancies – these truffles made with hazelnut paste a refreshing burst of flavour in your mouth.
8.) Ferrero roschers – the best of chocolates are available with the tang.

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